Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Home Stretch...

Well, here we are. I've seen a lot of missionaries go home and I've always guessed what it's felt like but I guess you don't know until you're there! I'm really sad to be leaving the Philippines, but I admit it's exciting to see everyone again. It's so scary though and I've felt like I'm going to be sick every day for like, a week! Man. It's pretty surreal.

This last week though, it's been a winner. We had two miracle baptisms on Saturday, Adelina and Benjamin. They are the first married couple to be baptized in Paoay for like 7 or 8 years I guess, and they were basically members before they up and decided to actually be baptized. They are the BEST, and I will miss them very much. We also had an investigator come to church who had been banned from coming by her family. We aren't sure how she got permission but we are praying for her to not be persecuted for her decision. She is the most converted person I've ever met and we just keep going and giving her more and more Liahona's and stuff so she has more to learn! We love her and it was wonderful that she was able to come. It was really hard to say goodbye to everyone and to leave, but we just found out that my companion is training! I am so excited for her!! It's a hard area so it'll be a challenge, but she is a blessed new missionary to get Sister Odom and to be in Paoay. I'm so excited! Which is hard because I won't see any of it!

We are now just wandering around today, last minute shopping and stuff like that. Tomorrow we have some sort of career training or something? Wednesday we go to Manila and Thursday morning we're in the air. Wow, I cannot even describe the feeling. Those of you who have gone home know what it's like! Those of you still on missons, you'll get there, just don't think about it, haha. It has been a sacred experience and I am excited to be able to share it with all of you. :) Hurrah for Israel! At Mabuhay Pilipinas!!

Love from the Philippines for the last time,
Sister Amy Porter

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