Sunday, February 2, 2014

this week..

Whew. It is hot in this computer shop. The weather here is just being rather bipolar. 

So, we had transfers this week! I love my new companion. Her name is Sister Gadiano, and she is pretty awesome. We're fairly different, but our sense of humor is close so we get along. :) We're having a good time. On transfer day, we had to be out on the street to flag down a ride at 5 AM, which was not very fun. The sisters were not very excited about leaving here, it was really hard for one of them. But, after that, me and Sister Alsado went to Lal-lo, the "city" next door, to work as a tripanionship with another Sister until all three of our companions came later in the afternoon. It was so fun!! Kind of hard though, haha, since working with three brains is fairly difficult. what we kept laughing about was how each of our companionships had our own "signals" for when to switch off sharing and talking, but nobody knew each other's signals! So when one sister would try to pass it of to one of us, we would just chuckle because we had no idea what was going on. It was fun. Our companions came later in the day, and we picked them up and went right off to work! It's amazing how smooth transfers go when there are hundreds of people moving around that can never be alone. 

Oh man, funny story. So, probably like, Thursday night, our water stopped working. Friday morning it was still not working. Well, we all needed to eat and cook and shower, so we went out in the back and tried to get our pump working. It's a way old pump, like, Little House On The Prairie style pump. Not even joking. But, the thing is, you need to pour a bit of water into it to get it primed before it'll start pumping for reals. The problem is when you don't have ANY water, which is why you need the pump! we were collecting from every little spigot we could find, and eventually drained the excess from the little tanks in our water filter, and got just enough to get the pump going. yay! so, while we were all getting prepped to take fully-clothed-showers outside, the landlord comes and tries to get it fixed, he then points inside to the wall and asks, "bukas ba iyon?" "is that on?" and it turns out that there's a little light switch on the wall (that we'd always been way confused about since it doesn't turn on any light) that turns on our water. And I'd switched it off the other day looking for the real light switch. oops... :D we have now labeled the water switch and don't plan on turning it off again. 

Another cool story on the spiritual side. We are teaching this cute 11 year old girl, and her fingers and toes never fully developed before she was born. She is awesome, and we got to teach the resurrection the other day and tell her that someday, her hands and feet will be perfect. A little light of excitement and understanding came on in her eyes, and she was just a little more.. relieved. That was a pretty cool experience. The Plan of Salvation is definitely real. 

I love you all! Thanks for everything. Enjoy the olympics! haha. Go Philippines! You'll have to let me know if they win anything. :) 

Sister Porter