Monday, August 25, 2014

This week!

Well, this week has been a good one. We had exchanges this week, just in our apartment, so that was fun. I got to go to the other sisters' area, and it's so beautiful! We just spent an entire day walking between houses out in the middle of the rice fields. Oh, I love rice fields so much. We taught some pretty awesome people too. This one couple were new investigators, and they understood the Apostasy so well. They are sincerely searching for the truth, and it's so refreshing to teach people like that. The Sisters told us that they now have a baptismal date, which I am very excited for. :) Our area is progressing as well! Yesterday we had a couple just decide to come to Church on their own, and they live pretty far away. It was so exciting. I hope they do well and continue to search for the Truth. Because they've found it! haha. They are also encouraging our other investigators in that area to come to church, which I hope they do. But... sadly, I will never find out, because 

I'm getting transferred! 

I'm heading off to Paoay tomorrow to be companions with an American for only the 2nd time in the Philippines. It's going to be interesting! I admit I was kind of expecting it, but it's crazy just the same. I'm a little worried about it, but it'll be a good change. It'll be weird to not be an STL anymore, but so many of us are going home soon that they needed to call some new ones. I'm excited for the Sister who's replacing me. I know her, and she's got a lot of energy and potential and she'll help here so much! It'll be great. :) 

This last Saturday we had a Branch Activity, which I don't think has happened here in a long time. It's interesting to me how having Branch/Ward Activities really helps the members support themselves. It's hard to get members to work closely together if they don't have time just to have fun together. Well, for the activity, we watched The Restoration, and then we just played some games like Ninja Destruction and 3 Little Indians and stuff like that. It was WAY simple, but man, we had a good time. I think it'll help the Branch a lot, and we are already feeling a bit more support from the leaders. Just a bit of laughter goes a long way! 

Well, there's that. Love and miss you all! Keep up the missionary work in your respective sphere wherever in the world that may be. There's still a lot to get done!! 

Sister Porter

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