Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Turning the Tables...

First, guess what I learned!? This is an entire conversation in Tagalog: "Bababa ba?" "Bababa." The root word 'baba' means down, and when you conjugate it, (in the -um actor focus future tense, in case you were wondering) it becomes 'bababa'. Plus, to make something a questions, you add a 'ba'. So it literally means, "Are you going down?" "Yes, going down." We definitely ask each other that when we go downstairs just to say it! haha. Just say it. It's so fun.
Anyway. The tables have turned!! This week, the investigator we were teaching became one of OUR teachers. Talk about bizarre. He just walked into class and we were all, "Kevin?" and he said "Sino si Kevin?" which means, "Who is this Kevin?" Haha, weird. He's been a really good teacher though, he uses a lot of repetition which is good for me. Plus, the teacher we've had from the beginning just became a new investigator, and the Not-Kevin-Anymore-Teacher is becoming a new investigator as well. Woo, teaching! It's a bit bumpy still since we have problems speaking/understanding, but it's amazing what the gift of tongues can do. We were teaching one of the new investigators (Patricio) and he asked me how families can be together forever. haha, oh boy. I said something like "Gusto ang Diyos ng masaya sa namin" (God wants us to be happy, in very poor grammer) and a crazy combination of "mga pamilya namin" (our families) "masaya po ako" (I'm happy) and "walang hanggang" (forever, or literally, "without an 'until'"). I think he got the gist of it, but I have no idea how! Oh wait, yes I do. Ng Espiritu Santo!!
A lot of my friends that I've run into left for the field yesterday. Ay! I'm so jealous!! I can't wait until it's my turn. One of the districts in my branch left, which was hard. Oh, also, just another testimony of the crazy situations I find myself in- I got my leg stuck in the bathroom door yesterday. I was walking out, and it shut faster than I thought and my left leg just didn't follow my right one I guess. Turns out it's a REALLY heavy door. My whole district laughed at me a lot, which is understandable, but I've got a couple of parallel line bruises on my leg and foot. My teacher proceeded to say something in Tagalog, and when we asked what word he used, he said, "hmmm, it's like pitiful?" Hahahaha. Poor guy was telling me that it's a shame that that happened to me, but wow, we couldn't stop laughing.
Well, until next week! Keep the faith!
Sister Porter

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