Sunday, January 12, 2014

This week.. is the HALFWAY MARK!

So, another week! and I'm halfway done with my mission!!!! Uh, weird. So weird. Kind of nice to be on the downhill, but it's weird that other missionaries here use "po" when they talk to me (the word you use to add respect) and it is culturally correct since i'm getting "old" here on the mish. Anyway, here's what happened! 

We got back from MLC, and on Thursday had our Zone Training Meeting, and I gave a training! It was different to be one of the leaders teaching instead of avidly taking notes, but it was a fun change. I enjoy teaching peers. That was scary, but fun. 

We did apartment checks for the whole Zone. We traveled to all of the apartments for the zone and did cleaning checks, muahahaha. It was actually fine. The apartments are a LOT better than what they used to be I guess, so that's awesome. We did find a rat in one of the Elders' apartments, but then in the next Elders' apartment there was a dart board we (or just I) was grateful for. We also got to buy fresh buko rolls, which are the best things EVER. They are rolls with this vanilla like pudding stuff inside and big chunks of coconut (buko in tagalog). they are so awesome. Coconut tastes so much better when it's not processed!

We had a baptism! Jessa got baptized yesterday morning, and the poor Branch had never had a Sunday morning baptism before and were kind of freaking out about it. It was a little rough, but she is awesome! She has some really good friends in the YW and I think that was a big part of her conversion. She's way awesome, but it's weird to think that she's younger than Holly! She's only 13, but doesn't look it. All I could think of was how Holly must look SO OLD by now! haha. love you hols. 

Um.. I think that's it! I love you all, I'll try to be better about remembering my week! OH! I remember something else. I ate sting ray! It was so good!! Kind of the consistency of the roast mom makes in the slow cooker, but just a little more fishy tasting. So good. 

Anyway, I love you all! Thanks for everything. :) y'alls the best! 

♥ Sister Porter

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