Sunday, November 3, 2013


Alright, this week. Has been insane. And I will try to tell you about it in the little amount of time I have left! :) 

We got SLAMMED by a typhoon. I don't know if any of you keep up with the weather here, but it was pretty crazy. We couldn't go out all thursday, and thursday night it got really crazy. The wind was screaming through the windows and under the doors, and just ripping everything apart. It was so loud we couldn't sleep. I probably slept for maybe three hours. The power was out for about 12 hours, and wow, it was just bizarre. So scary. BUT SO COOL! But I'm grateful the wind has died down. It didn't really affect much here since it's just city, but it was still way intense. I guess there might be another one on it's way? Pray for us!

This experience was a first and hopefully a last- We were proselyting and met this man who was interested to talk to us. We talked for a bit, invited him to church, and exchanged numbers so we could set up an appointment. Nothing super different. But, we get a couple texts from him later that night, asking how old we were and stuff. He called twice in the middle of the night. We get more texts the next morning with him telling us how he was sorry, he was just "fallin in love with sis. porter". uh... yikes. He said he wanted me for his wife before I go back to America, and in all his looking for an American wife, I was the best he's found so far. So, we obviously tell president, and he just says to ignore him. But, then we get a text from this guy saying that he's definitely coming to church. AAAAAAHHHHH... I have never been so scared to go to church in my life. luckily.. he didn't show up. But wow, I was so scared. Still kind of am a bit. But... 

I'M GETTING TRANSFERRED! so it doesn't matter, haha. Totally a surprise! I mean, I've only been here for one transfer with Sister Diamond. And I LOVE it, and am way sad to leave. Luckily, i'm only being transferred to the Laoag 3rd ward instead of the 1st. haha. I move apartments, about 5 minutes away, and my new companion, Sis. Copeland, is currently the companion of my MTC companion, Sis. Hansen. And.. Sister Diamond is our new Sister Training leader! So, I'm transferring from the second nicest apartment to the nicest (they call it the missionary mansion), I'm still in the same district, and I get to see/go on exchanges with Sis. Diamond!! It's pretty great. :) though, I still have to pack and say goodbye to people, which is way sad, but I'm still close enough to see them. Yay, blessings!! 

Anyway, that's about where we're at with things. :) I love this work! I love this country, especially during the "Christmas season", haha. This place is great. :) I love you all!! 

Sister Amy Porter

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