Sunday, June 9, 2013

From the Philippines!

Sorry it's taken so long! Emailing time goes so fast! Here are some things from the past couple of weeks: 
  • We had this super crazy rainstorm, complete with a blackout in the ENTIRE city. I guess that's pretty normal, but for me, I was essentially freaking out. It was pretty cool though, except for the fact that no power means no electric fans! haha. But it was cool. The blackout didn't last very long, but I was very grateful for my flashlight that converts into a "candle"! 
  • We had an earthquake!! It was the COOLEST thing ever. I guess it was pretty strong, a 5.4, but it was a lot less dramatic than they make it seem like it's going to be in elementary school. Mostly, we just sat in our apartment not entirely sure what to do while everything shook for about 30 seconds. It was a pretty weird feeling, but mostly it was awesome. :) President told us though that next time, we should probably leave the apartment since it's not very structurally sound. oops! 
  • Haha, this is funny. We were tracting, and a tricy driver stops us and asks us where we're tracting. Well, that's not a very common question, so we ask if he's a member. he said he is, and points to his tricy. Sure enough, in the middle of two gangster looking gothic dragon decals is a giant decal of the Angel Moroni. HAH! So hilarious. Good for him. :)
  • Um, we were teaching a lesson, and a couple of lizards just fell from the ceiling to the middle of the floor. Um, okay. Let it be known that the sound of a lizard hitting the floor is one of the funniest sounds there is. 
  • Speaking of crazy sounds, there are so many bullfrogs here! And the big ones sound like cows mooing. no joke. 
  • They love families here. This week, we went to a "Happy 7th Month" party for this little girl, and they went all out! Catering, giant cake, party favors, wow it was cool. I guess it's common to do that every month for a baby's first year. Wow!
  • I. FIXED. OUR. SHOWER. yayyyy!!! I finally just took a few minutes one day and cranked the handle REALLY hard, and lo and behold, the shower works! Oh man, I just about started to cry tears of joy. I told the other sisters, but it's not a big deal for them since they're all used to the bucket method. One sister said "oh, I knew it worked. I didn't know you wanted a shower." um, WHAT. aaahh! I could have had a shower the whole time!! Anyway, it is now functional. and I love it. 
  • We went on exchanges!! I worked with Sis. Boekweg for a day, and Sis. Iraola worked with her companion, Sis. Quiles. Sis. Boekweg has been out over a year, is from Utah, and is the most humble, shy, wonderful person ever. We worked in her area, and the other sisters in the city are Sis. Storey and her companion! So I got to be with them for a day! It was wonderful to be around more Americans. I love my Batac Sisters, but it's not quite the same. Plus, Sis. Boekweg has American food from her mom! We had Alfredo, and it was delicious. 
Essentially, the Philippines is beautiful, hot, and very different from Utah, but that's what I signed up for! I am learning a lot from my trainer, and I hope that I'm becoming the missionary I'm supposed to be! 

Oh! My address for my ENTIRE mission will be the mission home address that's on this blog. Please use it, haha! Mail is so wonderful. :) I love you all, and keep the faith! 

Sister Porter

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